Saturday, January 12, 2008

And so it ends!

She looked around her at the sad sorry faces...
At those wailing and weeping uncontrollably.. Why are they crying? she asked herself So many familiar faces. What did I miss ?
She walked through the doorway and into the house.
There huddled up sat her partner of 25 years. With tear filled eyes and a cloth to his mouth.. Her heart skipped a beat as she went up to him.
Whats Wrong? She asked. Are Roopa and Radhika alright?
He dint respond.... She frantically looked around. Both the girls were nowhere to be seen.
They never tell me where they are going, don't they know I will worry! She thought
Roopa She Called Are you home, Where are you?
She turned to look at Ravi...Don't worry She said I will go look , they are going to be okay
When he dint respond, She bent down to give him a hug and hoped that would reassure him
He wouldn't even hug her back.
She started a methodical search around the house, looking for the girls.
As she entered her bedroom she saw Roopa splayed across the bed. Weeping uncontrollably.
Whats it sweetheart... why are you so upset? ... Where is Radhika?
And then she remembers, dint she see Radhika off at the airport the day before. She must have reached the US by now, I wonder why she hasn't called yet She thought. And then it occurred to her Why Ravi and Roopa were so upset, why there were so many people around, Had something happened to Radhika?
She ran down to Ravi.. Ravi is Radhika alright she called out.. What happened to my little girl, I told you I didn't want her to go to the US. You insisted that she go.
Ravi didn't even look up. At that instant the phone rang and Ravi went to pick it up
Hello Radhika he said. She breathed a sigh of relief thinking Oh thank god Radhika is alright
Ravi said Radhika I want you to listen to this carefully. Your mom has met with an accident. Can you try and come back?
Then she saw it. The lifeless body lying in the middle of the room, the same face she had looked at in the mirror for the past 45 years. She looked around in despair
She said in her loudest voice... Don't worry Ravi I will be with you forever... But she knew he couldn't hear, he would never hear her again!


Compassion Unlimitted said...

That was terrific though the ending made the eyes moist..but then reality is always like that..wonderful Preethi

Rambler said...

Preeti, as I was reading this, I couldn't help but wonder, would ravi/radhika/Roopa feel the same way about her?, I mean would they love back with the same intensity, it is supposed to be selfless love, with no expectations, but in reality is it really possible, would I be able to love some one without expecting same thing back.. real tough questions you see.

very nice and thought provoking story

Just Jen said...

wow, that's really good!
I also like the way you made the talking a different font, so much easier than
btw, dint is actually didn't...
the suspense is really good. I think the reason you didn't get comments is because nobody knew it was there! post a link on your other blog near the top of the page, maybe you'll get more hits. you are good! so that can't be why!
very creepy...loved it and no, i'm not just saying that :D

Preethi said...

CU - Thanks... I do wish reality wasn't like that though!! As for the moist eyes, am thinking of a more lighter story to write..
Rambler - When She is so involved and cares so much, why would they not care back? Isn't it true that we would gravitate towards the person who shows us love and affection.. isn't that what we all look for?
Just Jen - I run a spell check usually.. don't know how I missed that.. thanks for catching it.. corrected it.. And thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words!! You made my day!!

Thinking aloud said...

ahh preethi..see you are good....i liked this story too...made me sad too...thinking if the dead could speak what would they say?

Preethi said...

TA - You bring up a good point.. DH told me that there is a theory that the spirits actually try but cant communicate with us.. that left me spooked.. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this, but that night when DH told me his interpretation I couldn't sleep :(

rayshma said...

i really like ur stories... :)

Preethi said...

Rayshma - thanks!!

Sumana said...

hey preethi,
i think you should take up story writing seriously. This was very well written and more than that was making the reader curious to know more like a good ramsay movie. Keep it coming.

Preethi said...

Sumana - Thanks so much.. you made my day!!

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

wow! this was really good...though the end would come to all of us one day. . .it still is a scary thought isn't it?

Swati said...

Touching story...really

Veens said...

I must say, I was intrigued by what had gone wrong!

but this was unexpected!

Really Good :)

I wrote smething on the same lines..abt death :)