Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Summers of my past

(Pict Courtesy: http://www.maximumfun.org)

I can still taste the salt in the breeze,
And the feel of sand beneath my feet
I can still feel the cool waters running so clear,

And can taste the sweets by granny dear.

Hiding away, all the ice creams and pops

I dare to smile at the stern Grand pop

Forgotten the day spent rolling in sand

"Take me along to the beach" I sang!

The uncle arrives and I scream in joy,

He is back from work, but no time to rest!

Now is the time to take me to the zoo

To the park and ice cream place, and the beach too!

The weekend arrives and it is the aunts turn
Off we go to tempt a sun burn!

And on other days, there was soft cuddly grand mom

Who filled my tummy with candies and sweets,

And at night told me many many fun stories!

The summers of my past where sweet as can be,

But now they are but a distant memory!
Summers are still fun, with the holidays they bring!

But now I am the one taking the imp out for a spin!

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