Friday, June 27, 2008

May I ask you a question?

May I ask you a question?
One I have never asked before?
I will promise that will be my last
But will still ask you another four!

Why did humpty dumpty sit on the wall?

Did he hurt his head on his fall?

Did the ambulance come to get him at all?

Do you know who made the 911 call?

I just want to know.. how tall trees grow?

I just want to know... what makes the rainbow?

I just want to know ... where the bird flew?
I just want to know ... the names of the neighbors too!

One moment of silence is all I ask
Just a moment to pen a thought!
One moment of no questions at all,
Just a moment to give my brain a rest!

But all I have to do is look at your innocent face,

All I have to do is look at you my curious imp

All I have to do is see your bright smile,
And I am ready to answer the questions!

Bring them on you little curious child of mine,

And let me bask in your innocence!

The story of my life.. in response to Writer's Island prompt Curiosity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun day!

I was walking along yesterday, without a thing to do
I walked up to the park and took my dog too!

I walked a little slowly humming along
As my IPOD played my favorite song!

Then I saw in the distance a gleaming light
I thought it was a treasure shiny bright!

I walked a little closer to take a better look,
But all that I found there was a man with a book!

Around him little children looked up in awe
As he read them the tale of the pig and the cow

He sat there quietly reading and talking in rhymes
And then I saw the gleam, his receding hairline!

I played a little drum beat on his smooth head,
And the children joined me in a dance around the flower bed!

What a really fun day it turned out to be,
I thanked the man and his hairline profusely!

The topic over at Heads or Tails was Line. Unfortunately what came to my mind (a little skewed that it is) was a receding hairline. So tried my hand at a rhyme, hope you like it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Ends and New Beginnings!!

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The wee sounds fill the night so dark
The eyes of the waiting fill with joy,
The end of a long wait at last,
A new life to look forward to, a fresh beginning

The bag is packed and the shoes are tied
And as she stands the bus arrives
Mommy waves with tears in her eyes
The end of babyhood, or of childhood the beginning?

The bird has grown and ready to fly
The car loaded to brim stands by
Teary farewells as she steps to new shores
A fresh new life to begin, the end of this old!

Hand in hand they stand demure,
Dozen fond smiles as they look on
The vows exchanged, they turn around
A life together, a new beginning!

The wee sounds fill the night so dark
The eyes of the waiting fill with joy,
The end of a long wait at last,
A new life to look forward to, a fresh beginning

Life is full of endings happy or sad and fresh new beginnings every time around.
This was a prompt reaction to Sunday Scribblings - Happy Endings

First Impressions

(Pict Courtesy:

Aaw where are you taking me?
Why are you setting me free?

What is happening to my little house,

Oh give me back my peaceful cocoon!

Don't Push I say, don't you dare
Don't you push me out of here!

Ouch, the light on my eyes they glare

And the sounds around me won't cease to be!

Hey put me down right now will you,
You there in the gown so long so blue

Don't peer at me with those big eyes of yours

And don't point and prod, aw that hurts

I want to roll up and just sleep,
So tired I am can't you see?

Just leave me be and don't you coo at me!
Put me back in my home I am hungry!

Now who is this person picking me
She looks so lovely with her sweet smile
And how she warms me as she cuddles me close

Finally some milk for my parched throat

Thats so much work I have to do
My life has turned Topsy turvy too

From my peaceful life there inside,

Here I have been rudely pushed ,
to a world so large in size!

I have to work so hard just to eat
And amidst the noise try to sleep
Now I am so tired, let me snuggle up close
Keep me warm while I try to doze!

What a rude shock for a new born to be born in this chaotic world. That was quite a rude awakening don't you think? In response to
Writer's Island prompt Awakening!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nighty Night

The sky turns down the light
And the noises slowly cease
Brushed and bathed, story read
My little imp has been tucked into bed.

The fire is kindled to give some warmth
And a pleasant glow that gives the room
I curl up with a book so fond
While the CD still plays my favorite song!

And on the nights when he is in town,
We curl together with the TV on
To catch a laugh and share a smile
To share those moments of peace

For we know, that soon very soon
It will be morning again
And the moment will soon be lost
Replaced with sounds of pattering feet and baby laugh!

There are nights when we cant sleep
Not just yet when the night is so young
And on nights so beautiful
We take a stroll just the three
And I share the beauty, with my lovely family!!
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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Extravagance called Life

I jumped and ran and frolicked about
When my mom yelled "Time to come home"
I closed my ears and hid about the lot
When my dad returned after a long long day
I hid behind the house and pretended not to see
Extravagant play you say? That was just me!

I ranted and raved and had unhappy days
On others I plotted and planned
To escape the parental gaze!
I talked all day and night on the phone
Dieted when it came to food, but ate endless chocolate
Extravagant trouble you say? A regular teen says I

I dreamed and gazed with a far away look
I pouted and waited for the phone to ring
I spent days and nights in eager anticipation
For the perfect day that I take off with my perfect knight
Extravagant dreams you say? Love says I

I showered him with kisses and toys unlimited
I stayed home and gave him the gift of time
I worried all day and stayed up at nights
I celebrated little triumphs with all my might
Extravagant love you say? Motherhood says I

I brought trinkets aplenty and spread them around
I put up paintings on every bare wall
And rich plush rugs on every bare ground!
I made expensive portraits and had them strewn around
Extravagant adornments you say? Home says I

I have always weeped too loud and cheered too hard
Be it when I was a child or considered grown!
When my parents ruled the roost or one I call my own
In this country or the next I always will be
Living life to its fullest, extravagant me!
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