Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Son

The day has come much awaited
And amidst the pain I hear your cry
Rising louder as the time goes by
And my heart fills with immeasurable joy!

Crawling along on all fours
There you are on the floor
And as the table looms near
You hold on and rise up without fear
The pride in my eyes shining through
I watch as you take the first step and two.

Oh there you are running in circles
As you talk on, I can almost hear
Your brain going whirr whirr whirr
And then in your hurry to get to me, you fall
And even as I reach out, you rise up again
Brushing off the dust in nonchalance!

No time for me I can see
You are now off chasing your destiny
To rise high up the ladder is your goal
And in this race I am but a blur

Go my boy rise up high, stand up straight
And reach new heights
And as I look on with a heart full of pride
Let me see you conquer your destiny!
This week's writers island prompt is Rising and Destiny. Read other islanders and their lovely takes on the topic.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My time capsule

For Writers Island prompt Empowered - go here
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I carried the step stool, held it close
And stacked it up on the chair
I climbed up on my precarious perch
And into the heights I did reach

To peer into the oblivion of the dark dark loft
And find the treasures of the past untold
As I was rummaging through, Down it fell to the floor
As it lay there open to see, I let out a shriek of glee

There she stood in her innocent beauty,
While he sat the young majesty!
Newly embarking on wedded bliss
Looking at their smile a beat my heart did miss!

And as I turned the pages, there were three
One in her arm and another in his lap
While the third stood there fumbling with his cap!
And still further the family grew and grew
Till there were seven little faces smiling through.

The little faces grew bigger and bigger
And soon there were more little faces to admire
The lady still stood plump and grayed
While the man sat still majestic and frayed.
But their faces were a sight to see
For the happiness shone through oh so brightly.

And then there was one with the same wedded bliss
I was the one who shot it so I remember this!
It was the 60th year of the marital bliss
And there they gathered family and friends amidst.

I fly to see them soon oh so soon.
The lovely couple who I love to bits!!
My grandparents as they walk
into the 68th year hand in hand, heart to heart!!

The prompt at Sunday Scribblings was time machine.. but decided to paint a time capsule here!


Talk of empowered woman today?
But thats no surprise is there.

Here is a woman of yester years
Who was the true liberator

Married at 14 to the King of Jhansi
She was renamed to be known as Lakshmi Bai

The greatest revolutionary that ever was

The bravest queen that she was!

To the courts in London she ran
When her adopted son wouldn't be considered heir (to the throne)

Banned from her kingdom was the ruling

But that did not work to deter!

She assembled an army of men and women
Trained them to fight and win!
And sitting on a horse in all her valor

She led them in a rebellion battle of honor

The personification of empowered women
The start of a big revolution
And when she breathed her last still at war

The words she uttered "Jai Hind!" (Jai Hind means Long live India)

This week's topic at Writer's Island was Empowered. Today empowered woman are no wonder. But this tale happened in 1857. Rani Lakshmibai as she is called and worshipped now, led the revolution of men and women to fight against the British. All she asked for was the right to rule her kingdom Jhansi! Read more at wikipedia
I know the poem is not very rhythmic as I like poems to be! I think this story is so close to my heart there is no rhyme or rhythm there just the naked truth!!