Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Decorations

Wedding dreams in the eyes of every girl
The perfect day everyone's wish
Be it the mother or the bride,
Be it of subtelity or splendor

Whatever you need you will find it here
No dream will go undone!
Be it of sparkly wedding decor
Or a unique charm in the favors

Be it of unique toppers on the splendid cake,
Be it of ring pillow or of garters!
Lovely flower girls with silk petals in their pretty baskets
We will take care of it, just trust us!

Bows and plates on the car to send you away,
Unique invites to all for your special day!
Dont know where to start and what to do?
Come to us, we will help you through!

For making dreams come true is what we do
As you start a new life on your special day!
Wedding star is our name;
Wedding Decorations is our game!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Decorations!

At the age of eight I did it first
Tippy toed between rows of chairs
Holding hands with my best
With dreamy eyes and heart flutters

At twenty five not much has changed,
Except my best friend is my fiance
But I still have dreams in my eyes
And my heart flutters with butterflies

I still dream of a perfect day with happy hearts
A perfect evening with a cool, moonlight night
I dream of flowers and pretty bows
I dream of the cake with us dancing on top

I dream of a flowery ring pillow
A white dress that will ensnarl hearts.
A perfect complexion behind the veil
I dream of sparkle and twinkling stars

I dream of my very own fairy tale
Of being a princess in my prince's arms!
I dream of laughter and sounds of joy
I dream of exhiliration and of bliss

I dream of a fairy God Mother
To perfect the little details of my special day!
Who will remember the baubles and the flowers
And who will be my guiding star!

The Wedding Decorations must be just right
The party would be ever so bright
The party favors would be one of a kind
For years to come it will remain on everyone's mind!

So who else than Wedding Star?
To stay with me in my special hour!
To make it an event to remember
The first day of my whole new life!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beyond the ages

There they stand unshakable and tall,
Having seen men rise and fall!
Stories told and those untold,
They mutely watched them all unfold!

And after all these eons have passed,
I walk through the same old paths!
I press my ears on the tall red walls,
And peer down the depths of the dark corridors!

I urge them to tell me the forgotten tales,
Of valor, of conspiracy, yet the mystery prevails!
Was that a whisper from centuries beyond?
Was that a wisp of a figure long gone?

As I walk on through the enormous corridors,
The mystery and lore swirl and engulf!
The walls whisper to me their muted secrets,
And the paintings show me a window to the past!

I am torn and let the stories swirl..
I am torn, do I return to today's world?

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Miracle called Taj!

In the labyrinths of a city so warm,
Finally some breeze rises hither;
The colors of brick and mortar left far behind,
The cool green of the trees rushes to welcome!

As we traverse the bushes, down the pebbled path,
The urchins look at us in wonder;
And we at them, for they own this gorgeous place!
Their eyes ask, who are these camera laden nomads,
Trespassing our blissful haven?

And lo behold the miracle in white...
The surroundings have now been forgotten!
There she stands gleaming a creamy hue now..
As the sun gently lights her while it prepares for bed!

My eyes refuse to blink for fear,
lest the vision where to (even momentarily) disappear!
We linger long and cant take our eyes away...
But the night begins to engulf the less trodden paths...

With a sorry heart and a heavy tread..
We slowly turn and leave her there!
For we leave a part of us behind!
But we can rest assured, that when we go back;
she will stand tall and beckon us in her splendor!

The view of Taj from Mehtab Bagh is one that will stay in my mind's eye forever.. it is a must see in Agra.. At dusk this view is so much better and gorgeous than even seeing Taj up close!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Wrong Hands

Have you ever had a cut
Have you ever seen the blood
Have you ever let it flow
Let it mix with that of the man next door?

Bring the men all together
Cutting the barriers of religion and color
Cut each hand with a tiny tear
And let a drop of blood mix here

Now I will give you this little jar
Separate the drops will you dear?

Separate the black, white and blue
And that of the Christians and Muslims too
Separate the East and West from each
And show me the difference will you please?

Have you ever squirmed in shame?
When on God you lay your blame?
Years have passed and millions lie dead
And yet we cannot stop this dread

The world is in wrong hands I say!
For while we roam clothed and free
The ones in the forests live in perfect harmony!

For Matinee Muse - In the wrong hands
Re posting for Writers Island - Controversy. This is not very controversial I agree... but I think this is something to think about and ponder on!!

(c) Preethi @ Creative Outbursts, September 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

The woods are lovely dark and deep!

(c) Preethi @ Creative Outbursts, September 2008
Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WW: Shining through

(c) Preethi @ Creative Outbursts, September 2008

Wordless Wednesday