Monday, March 3, 2008

My time capsule

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I carried the step stool, held it close
And stacked it up on the chair
I climbed up on my precarious perch
And into the heights I did reach

To peer into the oblivion of the dark dark loft
And find the treasures of the past untold
As I was rummaging through, Down it fell to the floor
As it lay there open to see, I let out a shriek of glee

There she stood in her innocent beauty,
While he sat the young majesty!
Newly embarking on wedded bliss
Looking at their smile a beat my heart did miss!

And as I turned the pages, there were three
One in her arm and another in his lap
While the third stood there fumbling with his cap!
And still further the family grew and grew
Till there were seven little faces smiling through.

The little faces grew bigger and bigger
And soon there were more little faces to admire
The lady still stood plump and grayed
While the man sat still majestic and frayed.
But their faces were a sight to see
For the happiness shone through oh so brightly.

And then there was one with the same wedded bliss
I was the one who shot it so I remember this!
It was the 60th year of the marital bliss
And there they gathered family and friends amidst.

I fly to see them soon oh so soon.
The lovely couple who I love to bits!!
My grandparents as they walk
into the 68th year hand in hand, heart to heart!!

The prompt at Sunday Scribblings was time machine.. but decided to paint a time capsule here!


Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely take on the prompt...

ummi said...

Can't agree with you more, Juliet. I wish that is me..I have seven children, but their Dad looked for someone else more exotic..:(. But no that's a blessing in disguise

Galadriel said...

how lovely!

Heather said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandparents' long and successful marriage. I hope my husband and I will be so blessed!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thinking aloud said...

awww..that was so show it to them!!!I feel the same about my grandparents too....Don't you feel that they are so made for each other, so devoted?

Lucy said...

what a wonderul long marriage! You are so fortunate to still have grandparents. This was such a sweet read! :)

Rambler said...

Its a sign of beautiful triumph, such beautiful occassion.

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

that was beautiful. .I bet thatha n patti will enjoy it :D

Preethi said...

Crafty Green Poet - Thanks
Ummi - I bet it is !!
Galadriel - Thanks
Heather - Wish you the best!!
Suma - I will show it to them.. forwarded it to all their kids ;)
Lucy - Oh yes I am very fortunate!!
Rambler - Yes it is :)
Vish - I bet thatha will have another thing to talk about now!! hehe!!

Robin said...

A beautiful post - their love for each other and your love for them shines out in every word.

Preethi said...

Robin - Thats so sweet, thanks

Anonymous said...


Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

So poetic. What better gift to them than true words from the heart!

Miss Iyer said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think anyone could've done a better job at time capsule with a wedding as an inspiration! :) Well done Preethi!

adhishg said...

just lovely..sweet and touching...long live the family love..all the best to have a beautiful heart