Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baby Steps

Come hold my hand...walk with me.
Let me take you places.. you will see!
You spent the last year lolling about...
Dont you think its time to walk?

And then the day dawns, he pulls himself up
and tentatively takes one step.
Oh the joy in my eyes to see
the wee one coming to me!

The pitter patter of little feet around the house.
Getting into trouble when no one's about.
Oh couldnt you have waited to walk.
For a little longer couldnt you have sat in a spot?

Next you know he is ready to run.. up and down! up and down!
I am so breathless and so worn!!
But daddy's eyes shine with pride
As he watches the li'l one take the world in a stride!

Now you tumble about.. and run in circles all day long.
Makes me dizzy just to watch.. your pace has my nerves wrought.
Oh I long for the good old days...
when you would loll about in a tiny space.


Thinking aloud said...

ohh preethi, u've told it so well...
***Oh I long for the good old days... when he would loll about in a tiny space. *** so very true!!!
i loved it...and i think i must send it to my sis - she has twins and works parttime!!!

keep bring all my memories back:)!!!

DotMom said...