Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Countless Blessings

A baby's first laugh
An infant's toothless grin
A toddlers giggles filled with mirth
Can you tell me how much they are worth?

A little boy running home with daily tales
Spinning big fantasies in his active mind
A little girl dreams of castles and princes
Of fairies and enchanted places.

The first time he takes his dads car for a spin
Or the first night out with friends at the mall
The first pay check which fills the face with a grin
Or the first sky dive, first free fall

A lovers gentle caress and tender words
The promise to buy the whole wide world
The endless phone calls and little notes
The days and nights of dreams galore

The much awaited wedding day
Filled with so much splendour and Joy
Mixed emotions at starting a new walk.

The first house oh so dear
The first things bought together...
Finding out that you are to add to the house...
The pride that swells as the tummy grows!

The loving hunt for the perfect name,
The perfect nursery put together in haste.
The wee one lets out the first cry
And friends and family fill with joy!

That is the miracle of life,
A full full circle.
A countless blessings,
Thank God for it.
Again for Writer's Island - The Moment. Life is a tapestry of precious moments. We live and relive the memories as we grow. It is in us to choose to relive the sad or the joyful memories. And although I can never erase the sadness from my heart - (read my previous post - Final Adieu), I thank God for the countless blessings he has awarded me.


paisley said...

full circle indeed.. this was lovely.....

tumblewords said...

A touching tale of a full circle!

UL said...

Thank God and thank you for bringing it to print. Beautiful indeed.


Thinking aloud said...

That's a complete circle indeed!!!well done-preethi :)

Sumana said...

You r a great poet preethi indeed. Whether we are here to watch the full circle of life, i am sure it is a never ending one. As you say thank god and let the circle never end..

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

The first drop of rain
On a parched summer's day
The moment when you feel you have everything to gain

Alrite my attempt on the moments is a failure:(. .urs was beautiful though!

Preethi said...

Thanks for your beautiful comments and encouragement... and thank god again for the full circle.
Vish - You've got to write .. and give it a full hearted attempt this time....waiting to read it on your post

jadey said...

Definite wonderful moments