Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Journey Home

The sweltering heat, the rivulets of sweat
The humid air that hit my face

This is what greeted me first

As I walked off the airplane

The gushing crowds, the happy faces

Tired yet eager to be back home
Returning home from a distance

As the stealth of night crept around.

And as I entered the cities so merry

It seemed like there was always a fest
The colors so vibrant at every corner
The lilting music on every radio...

The sweet aroma of home cooked food

The rush of relatives far and near.

The children running between your feet
The spicy food that makes you weep.

The elephants decked up with cheer

The cows and calf's roaming near

The India of the villages so bright so dear
I lost myself in the beauty I fear

The time ran by as fast as it could

And soon I got back on the plane

To turn around and fly across miles
Back to my home away from home

Greeted by order and decorum I was
Of Subdued colors and muted voice

A contrast so vivid just miles apart

Yet there reigns a peace at heart
As the chaos kept me excited.

Glad to be back that I am
Yet it is with a heavy heart I return
From my sweet yet short vacation.

I am also back from my break at Writer's Island. Its good to be back!!
This was my take on this week's prompt Return
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keith hillman said...

A lovely piece. As a visitor to India on many occasions I have always been struck by the colours, even in the most run down areas. Such a contrast to the dull 'safe' colours back home. By co-incidence my post on Wordless Wednesday today consists of photos I took in India specifically to display the dazzling colours I encountered at every turn. A click on my name should take you straight there!

Geraldine said...

I felt like I was along for the journey with you, well done!

Tammy said...

What a bittersweet return but welcome home!

Galadriel said...

lovely. i've been lurking around here for a while, waiting for you to come back .:)

ummi said...

Lovely lucid. I enjoyed it so much. You truly have a gift :)