Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And so I quit

(For Writer's Island prompt The Return - go here)I loved it there I really did
The rush of excitement I would get
As I sat in front of my desk
I enjoyed every minute of my day.
Then I married and managed it all
Work, home, hearth and life
The fun never ceased,
Even when it moved across seas
And then I added another role
I chose to be a mother now
And this time when I went to work
I left my heart and mind at home
I rushed to work and rushed back home
I rushed in between to see my son
I got up early and slept so late
And yet my heart was never so light
And then one day I sat to think
To make meaning of my tangled life
And soon it all became clear
My priorities had shifted over the past year
I did what none thought I would
A first in my lie so far - I quit
Time ran by and I traveled afar
The wee little thing grew so tall
But through the years no regrets
I am glad I quit when I did!

Thanks Sunday Scribblings for this prompt on Quitting.
Quitting my job has also led me to take up on my long forgotten hobby - Writing!!


shammi said...

I like that you have your priorities right :)

Galadriel said...

wow. i wish i had your courage.

Rambler said...

"am glad I quit when I did!"

I think the decision is always hard, whatever we are trying to quit, it takes a lot of courage to say "thats it".

UTP said...

when you say you really don't...its just something that you are still stuck in the rat race, the cycle...which will only stop when life MAKES you QUIT...

We don't have the choice to QUIT...

Swati said...

Lovely !! It really says your heart