Monday, June 2, 2008

The Extravagance called Life

I jumped and ran and frolicked about
When my mom yelled "Time to come home"
I closed my ears and hid about the lot
When my dad returned after a long long day
I hid behind the house and pretended not to see
Extravagant play you say? That was just me!

I ranted and raved and had unhappy days
On others I plotted and planned
To escape the parental gaze!
I talked all day and night on the phone
Dieted when it came to food, but ate endless chocolate
Extravagant trouble you say? A regular teen says I

I dreamed and gazed with a far away look
I pouted and waited for the phone to ring
I spent days and nights in eager anticipation
For the perfect day that I take off with my perfect knight
Extravagant dreams you say? Love says I

I showered him with kisses and toys unlimited
I stayed home and gave him the gift of time
I worried all day and stayed up at nights
I celebrated little triumphs with all my might
Extravagant love you say? Motherhood says I

I brought trinkets aplenty and spread them around
I put up paintings on every bare wall
And rich plush rugs on every bare ground!
I made expensive portraits and had them strewn around
Extravagant adornments you say? Home says I

I have always weeped too loud and cheered too hard
Be it when I was a child or considered grown!
When my parents ruled the roost or one I call my own
In this country or the next I always will be
Living life to its fullest, extravagant me!
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Rambler said...

"I have always weeped too loud and cheered too hard
Be it when I was a child or considered grown!"

this was beautiful
Looks like you have the mantra right for the life :)

Galadriel said...

beautiful. you have some talent!

K 3 said...

Very nice!

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

wow! this was beautiful preethi :)
i used to be all that but life was not all that kind to me when i tried to live it my way to my fullest - i figured it was wiser to stifle it all within and move on,a sober, more in-control me..

may life always give to the opportunities to enjoy and live it to the max.. bless you!

Rosezilla said...

I've really enjoyed your poetry - thanks for sharing it!