Friday, June 20, 2008

First Impressions

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Aaw where are you taking me?
Why are you setting me free?

What is happening to my little house,

Oh give me back my peaceful cocoon!

Don't Push I say, don't you dare
Don't you push me out of here!

Ouch, the light on my eyes they glare

And the sounds around me won't cease to be!

Hey put me down right now will you,
You there in the gown so long so blue

Don't peer at me with those big eyes of yours

And don't point and prod, aw that hurts

I want to roll up and just sleep,
So tired I am can't you see?

Just leave me be and don't you coo at me!
Put me back in my home I am hungry!

Now who is this person picking me
She looks so lovely with her sweet smile
And how she warms me as she cuddles me close

Finally some milk for my parched throat

Thats so much work I have to do
My life has turned Topsy turvy too

From my peaceful life there inside,

Here I have been rudely pushed ,
to a world so large in size!

I have to work so hard just to eat
And amidst the noise try to sleep
Now I am so tired, let me snuggle up close
Keep me warm while I try to doze!

What a rude shock for a new born to be born in this chaotic world. That was quite a rude awakening don't you think? In response to
Writer's Island prompt Awakening!


Whitesnake said...

very well done!

Rambler said...

I liked the conversation nature you brought out here.

Anonymous said...

humm..very different concept

one more believer said...

it reminds me of the movie.. look whose talking... the perfect hiding place...