Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beyond the ages

There they stand unshakable and tall,
Having seen men rise and fall!
Stories told and those untold,
They mutely watched them all unfold!

And after all these eons have passed,
I walk through the same old paths!
I press my ears on the tall red walls,
And peer down the depths of the dark corridors!

I urge them to tell me the forgotten tales,
Of valor, of conspiracy, yet the mystery prevails!
Was that a whisper from centuries beyond?
Was that a wisp of a figure long gone?

As I walk on through the enormous corridors,
The mystery and lore swirl and engulf!
The walls whisper to me their muted secrets,
And the paintings show me a window to the past!

I am torn and let the stories swirl..
I am torn, do I return to today's world?


phatichar said...

overpowering, ain't it? Had been to mehrangarh fort last year...

lovely post..and the pics of course :-)

Here through...err..emm..well..oh yeah, galadriel's (sheepish grin)

Aryan said...

This is a lovely posts and lovely pictures....

Sh@s said...

Lovely pics and very apt words. Those monuments are the mute spectators of time.

Ramya said...

Loved this one! Good job. They have ears ...and have been hearing for ages.