Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Decorations!

At the age of eight I did it first
Tippy toed between rows of chairs
Holding hands with my best
With dreamy eyes and heart flutters

At twenty five not much has changed,
Except my best friend is my fiance
But I still have dreams in my eyes
And my heart flutters with butterflies

I still dream of a perfect day with happy hearts
A perfect evening with a cool, moonlight night
I dream of flowers and pretty bows
I dream of the cake with us dancing on top

I dream of a flowery ring pillow
A white dress that will ensnarl hearts.
A perfect complexion behind the veil
I dream of sparkle and twinkling stars

I dream of my very own fairy tale
Of being a princess in my prince's arms!
I dream of laughter and sounds of joy
I dream of exhiliration and of bliss

I dream of a fairy God Mother
To perfect the little details of my special day!
Who will remember the baubles and the flowers
And who will be my guiding star!

The Wedding Decorations must be just right
The party would be ever so bright
The party favors would be one of a kind
For years to come it will remain on everyone's mind!

So who else than Wedding Star?
To stay with me in my special hour!
To make it an event to remember
The first day of my whole new life!

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