Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Decorations

Wedding dreams in the eyes of every girl
The perfect day everyone's wish
Be it the mother or the bride,
Be it of subtelity or splendor

Whatever you need you will find it here
No dream will go undone!
Be it of sparkly wedding decor
Or a unique charm in the favors

Be it of unique toppers on the splendid cake,
Be it of ring pillow or of garters!
Lovely flower girls with silk petals in their pretty baskets
We will take care of it, just trust us!

Bows and plates on the car to send you away,
Unique invites to all for your special day!
Dont know where to start and what to do?
Come to us, we will help you through!

For making dreams come true is what we do
As you start a new life on your special day!
Wedding star is our name;
Wedding Decorations is our game!

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