Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Invite

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Roll out the red carpet, sound the drum roll
Drive the limousines to my door!
For today is the day I am turning four!

Come to my home will you?
And lets have some bouncing fun
Lets rock and roll to puff the magic dragon!

Lets eat some gold fish and cakes
Lets drink loads of pink lemonade
Lets roll out some play doh and have a great day!

I will pack you some crayons and some toy trucks
Some tiaras for you girl you can take from my turf!
And at the end of the day we will all be cranky
Then that just means we had a great party!!

My almost 4 yr old likes this invite!!! Sunday Scribblings - INVITATION
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(c) Preethi @ Creative Outbursts, September 2008


Pavi!!!! said...

ohh so cute! I'm considerin myself invited ;) Date , time n venue pls...

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

aww . .thats adorable , makes me wanna retract what I said in my blog :D. . .I wish I could come :(

Rambler said...

that sounds fun :)

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Don't it just make you wanna be four again?

Anonymous said...

This is just so sweet! I so want to be there too

Suma said...

i love this too

susan said...

This is fun. Four is fun. I remember my youngest at 4. And when they turn thirteen, it is helpful to remember when they were four and fun. lol

Anonymous said...

awww! wow! so very cuteeeeeeeeeee

Like Pavi, I consider myself invited :)

now for some cake and drinks ;)

Preethi said...

Pavi - Hmm.. as soon as we have one I will let you know for sure.. and its soon :)
Vish - Same here.. we have too few frinds in Charlotte :(
Rambler - Thanks!
Sweet alking guy - for sure.. what a great time right!
Keith - You are most welcome...
Suma - Thanks :)
Susan - Yeah I am sure when my son turns fourteen I will remember too and this verse will help!!
Veens - You are most welcome.. yeah loads of cake for sure!!

anthonynorth said...

A fun poem. Nicely done.

totomai said...

yes i agree four is fun! but i think every year is fun. hehe

mgirl said...

Sounds so much like a true four year old birthday party. Fun, fun, fun! What a fantastic invite. My kids are grown but I have a just about two year old graddaughter, and I can't wait for the parties to begin again. Thanks for the invite, I'm there in spirit.