Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I dream

(img courtesy :http://www.environment-green.com)
I dream...
Of a bright blue sky and clean air to breathe
Of sparkling waters that flow in the rivers beneath

Of lush green trees that have fruits so ripe

And as I look around I feast with my eyes!

I dream...
Of rainbow colored men, no more barriers of color and race

Of people who believe in one God and one faith

Of a world where the word war has ceased to be

Of one where people live in peace and harmony!

I dream...
Of a world where man knows no greed or hunger
Of a world where there is richness and splendor
In the hearts of those who wield the power
Where the greatest are those that do hard labor!

I dream...

Of a world where the ozone was rich and complete again

Of a world where nature no longer rages and wails
Of a world where cars are sparse again
Where its cool to walk and curb the weight gain!

I dream...

Of the day when you and I will join hands

And take it upon us to clean the world

To get on our hands and feet and scrub out the slime

A little sweat it all it takes to make this a better place
For both your children and mine!

(c) Preethi @ Creative Outbursts, September 2008
For Heads or Tails - How would you change where you live

(img courtesy :http://www.environment-green.com)


tumblewords said...

Ideal spot!

anthonynorth said...

A beautiful dream.

Rambler said...

I guess we all would love to share your dream..

Tina said...

love the poem. i like how people take to time to think up and write them. good for you :)

and thanks for visiting my hots

Skittles said...

This is a dream we all have in common.. if not, then we should.

Vishnu said...

lovely dream :). . . And its high time we did all that. . .

Rainbow colored men?? I was thinking of just dying my hair in rainbow colors . .. But , I have no qualms on turning rainbow colored as well. . :P

Suma said...

a lovely dream...nicely put...

Veens said...

a very nifty idea girl :)

I guess I would love to live in your dream :)

Anonymous said...

love it.. i share your dream as well :)