Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A chip off the old block!

I hide a grin I want to smile
When I should be looking grim
I turn around and bite my tongue
To stop the laugh about to come

I look so stern sure to scare
But the little eyes back they stare
And refuse to back down yet again,
Are my admonitions all in vain?

I sneak a look at the big burly man
Standing there with a grin
He seems to talk with his eyes
But I must still hold my stand and not sway!

Being a parent is a work so hard,
More so when my past is still so fresh
Much as my mind tries to forget
The same stern looks on my parents face!

But as my mind sways such,
I give up yet again and concede
Defeat of wills to the wee thing
He is after all, a chip off the old block!

For Matinee Muse - Conflicting Emotions! (img courtesy: http://www.giftmonger.com)


anthonynorth said...

You make an important point concerning parenthood. When we remember our past dealings with our parents, how can we not feel a touch of hypocrisy when dealing with our children?

Stan Ski said...

When we become parents we're faced with the same situations our parents faced from us. All those things I swore I'd never forgive them for...now I'm the one who sets all the 'unreasonable' terms.

totomai said...

I think your observations are quite true. I cant really attest to that since I am not yet a parent :-)

TD said...

As I am in the process of starting my own family, I have wondered what it would be like to cope with those smiling, devilish eyes staring up into mine. Thanks for the post.

Marja said...

Oh you said it so well. My son knows this and put his puppydog eyes on when he has done something wrong. very hard to deal with.

aMus said...

nice one yet again and so true...


PG said...

a very nice one. I can so relate to it. :)