Thursday, September 11, 2008

Runaway Words!

I open that blank page, And bring out my pen
In my shiny blue book, I am ready to write again!
But as I look at it silently mocking me,
The words just flew right out, no more muse!

I put on my writer's hat and begin to think
But the haze still filled my brain, in a trance!
I pull the feathers from my brain and dig deep within
I would like to see if I can find words well hidden!

I look at the hat again to see if its right,
Not on the cook or mommy's head it sits on tight!
I go sit at my desk to see if that will help
If the words will come out now, from the deep dark well

But all I can see is the big black void
Strangely silent are the voices in my head!
So I flick off my hat now and go for a walk,
The birds are chirping bright and gay, sitting on a bark!

The water runs through the brook gushing away,
The breeze picks a leaf here and another on the way!
The rabbits scurry past in their haste
And I sit there on the bench watching them play!

As I look around me I can hear them again,
The voices in my head are laughing aloud!
I grab a flying paper and borrow a pen
As the words begin to flow from my brain!

Now that I know I have found it,
My writer's state of mind
I can still not tell you where to look
If you ask me for this mysterious find!

For Write on Wednesday - In a writer's state of mind. (Img Courtesy:

(c) Preethi @ Creative Outbursts, September 2008


paisley said...

not having the ever present voices in ones head is in fact a lonely frustrating place to be... how amazing it can feel tho when they finally return... wonderful verse......

gautami tripathy said...

well done!

state of mind

Suma said...

hey preethi, this was is frustrating when those voices in the head remain silent and wow!!! they are back...i loved it...

BK said...

Congratulations! Victory and your words of are worth the torment, yes?
I remember my notebooks and pens. Sad to say, they are gathering dust most of the time now.