Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just a dream

I have been haunted by images all night
I am peeping from between the boxes again!
I woke the man smiling in his dreams
"Is it time to move again?"

Its been a few months since the boxes came
A few months since I looked for homes
A while since I slept on floors
And called the truckers every hour!

Its been a few months in this new place
And I can feel the itch again
Starting to form beneath my feet
"Is it time to move again?"

Is it time to bring out the big brown monsters
That gobble up all my belongings
Is it time to roll in the wheels of change
And haul and load my life yet again?

I woke up with a start and hit the switch
No brown monsters lurking around,
The closets still stayed stocked to the brim!
Aah I heaved a sigh and rested my head again,
Just a dream.. Just a dream!

For Head or tails - Box


Skittles said...

Such beautiful words to describe moving. I hate moving.. lol!

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Wow! I love it! Very creative.

Rambler said...

I have hardly ever moved :)..guess one of the lucky few

Greyscale Territory said...

Moving boxes are indeed like a nightmare! A very poetic way of reminding me how I hate moving!

Suma said...

ahhh...but its fun to make a new place a home...to throw out junk and start afresh...,

but yes, while its on, its quite a pain...

nice one...you are on a roll..:)